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So Sokka is a warrior of the Southern water

Tribe At the beginning of the computer animated series he deals with his more youthful sister Qatar as well as grandma Kannou When the leader of the tribe and also father Sokki led the soldiers against the fire of the invaders, he left his son for older.

So Sokka is a warrior of the Southern water

So Sokka was accountable not only for supplying the tribe with food, however additionally for the childhood of kids in the fighting styles The listing personalities computer animated series Character the Legend of Aang continues Tof Beyfong. It is the only child of a noble family members of the kingdom of the Earth.

Tof was born blind, therefore, was always taken into consideration to be powerless, surrounded by interest and also care. Yet the independent nature of the women was abused by a guardian. Tof researched the magic of the earth, where she can see the globe around her. Later on started to secretly escape from residence and also participate in the fight of the magicians of the nation. In the arena put on the label “Blind Outlaw”. It remains in these battles her, Aang and his buddies initially saw.

When the Special-interest group

When the Special-interest group Met Avatvr as well as determined to become his educator, after that ran away from house. Beifong sent little girl to magicians, that had the ability to grab and also secure it into the steel box where she couldn’t use her power.

Nonetheless, when he was put behind bars, Tof managed to conquer the steel and also be complimentary  So they came to be the very first metal wizard worldwide. The personalities of the anime Character the Legend of Aang Appa as well as Momo Appa and also Momo are the consistent friends of the Character and his good friends. He should have unique reference. Appa is a flying bison and the guardian of Aang.

When mágák gets to the age of 6 years, goes into the eastern holy place, where he locates himself as the bison, who becomes his buddy and also buddy. Appa ended up being a pal of Aang, as well as when he was the Avatar icy, was with him a buffalo. Appa is not only a friend of Aang and also his buddies, yet additionally the primary ways of transportation, because it is gifted with the magic of the air as well as can fly.

Momo is a winged lemur,

Momo is a winged lemur, That Aang našelJižní air temple From this time the Momo became a companion of the Avatar. He is the only lemur in the computer animated series, so there is a sight that is the last of its kind. Unlike Appy, who constantly understands human speech, Momo, when the multipliers to depict the world with his eyes, he just hears an obscure murmur.

Therefore, frequently comes under all kind of problems. Nevertheless, lemur is really dedicated to Aang and also is ready to help him in battles. In the comic the movie are also uncertain personalities of” Avatar: the Legend of Aang.” The personalities of the series are separated right into favorable as well as adverse. So Zuko, royal prince of the fire people, initially it acts as an opponent of the Avatar, and after that joins him and becomes his master spells fire.

 Zuko can easily identify the mark that it obklopujelevé eye, which continued to be after combustion. This child obtained the mark after he rejected to eliminate with her dad in a ritualistic duel Angie Kai. After this occasion was Zuko banished his papa, the Lord of Fire Ozai, from the land of fire. In order to restore his honor anávrat Zuko makes a decision to locate the Avatar, that vanished one hundred years earlier.

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